Extension pack includes:

a USB drive with key information, start-up business notes, a motivational ideas book, two room scheme boxes, and a case study. The latter is the jewel in the crown and could mark the start of a whole new industry. There are no promises however, as this is just a course that happens to come with the framework for a business - and a little bit of help thereafter.

The short course can stand alone, but for those wishing to go further, there is the gift of the extension pack. It is a case given out at the end of the three days with ideas, examples, and guidance, on developing the new perspective on how to decorate and - if so desired - mould it into a small business (or fine tune it for other purposes).

Previously an extra day, the pack explains in more detail how imaginative design schemes can be created quickly and easily using curated images - it then identifies the various applications. These include creating bespoke room schemes in boxes, and illustrating potential home improvements to help those looking to add value to a property relatively inexpensively (as in the 'before' and 'after' below). In all cases, adaptations can be made to suit, and the guidance given is based on years of experience.

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A few weeks after each course, there is a complimentary catch-up coffee morning to see how everyone is getting on.

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